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Hey Baby~ by XxElectricBeautyxX Hey Baby~ :iconxxelectricbeautyxx:XxElectricBeautyxX 3 0 IcingTH Gift by XxElectricBeautyxX IcingTH Gift :iconxxelectricbeautyxx:XxElectricBeautyxX 5 0 -Celeste- Gift by XxElectricBeautyxX -Celeste- Gift :iconxxelectricbeautyxx:XxElectricBeautyxX 6 0 Realism by XxElectricBeautyxX Realism :iconxxelectricbeautyxx:XxElectricBeautyxX 2 2 Im F*cking full by XxElectricBeautyxX Im F*cking full :iconxxelectricbeautyxx:XxElectricBeautyxX 4 0 -Gift- Hope by XxElectricBeautyxX -Gift- Hope :iconxxelectricbeautyxx:XxElectricBeautyxX 10 4 Chibi Examples Batch 2 by XxElectricBeautyxX Chibi Examples Batch 2 :iconxxelectricbeautyxx:XxElectricBeautyxX 1 0 Chibi Examples Batch 1 by XxElectricBeautyxX Chibi Examples Batch 1 :iconxxelectricbeautyxx:XxElectricBeautyxX 0 4 Hey Handsome~ by XxElectricBeautyxX Hey Handsome~ :iconxxelectricbeautyxx:XxElectricBeautyxX 6 14 Sassy Stone by XxElectricBeautyxX Sassy Stone :iconxxelectricbeautyxx:XxElectricBeautyxX 4 0 Detail by XxElectricBeautyxX Detail :iconxxelectricbeautyxx:XxElectricBeautyxX 6 0 Flat-Color by XxElectricBeautyxX Flat-Color :iconxxelectricbeautyxx:XxElectricBeautyxX 3 0 La by XxElectricBeautyxX La :iconxxelectricbeautyxx:XxElectricBeautyxX 4 0 Sketch by XxElectricBeautyxX Sketch :iconxxelectricbeautyxx:XxElectricBeautyxX 4 0 Levi by XxElectricBeautyxX Levi :iconxxelectricbeautyxx:XxElectricBeautyxX 1 0 Levi Ackerman by XxElectricBeautyxX Levi Ackerman :iconxxelectricbeautyxx:XxElectricBeautyxX 1 0


Aeolian3 by wlop Aeolian3 :iconwlop:wlop 16,337 442
[Chapter 1] No Regrets [Levi x Fem!Reader]
“Hey! You! Get back here!” a plump, middle-aged man wearing an apron yells as you sprint down the street. His words only make you run faster, but as you speed up, you can hear his steps starting to slow until finally, he comes to a complete stop. A string of curses race after you, but his vulgar language doesn’t faze you. All you care about is not getting caught, so when your eye catches an indent in the wall of buildings, and after one final glance back to make sure the man isn’t following you, you slink from the desolate streets into an abandoned alleyway. Sliding your back against the wall, you gulp in some much needed air before you set the stolen bag down, sifting hastily through its contents.
Much to your disappointment, all you pull out are two loaves of bread. You’d been hoping to get your hands on some meat; it’s been a while since you had any, and besides, bread was easy to get - it was meat that people guarded with their lives. Sighing, yo
:iconxxtheblackdevilxx:XxTheBlackDevilxX 999 142
Mature content
Coming Home [Marine!Levi|F!Reader] Modern AU NSFW :iconpetitegalaxy:PetiteGalaxy 132 28
Eddy's Revenge - Part Two [KevEdd]
It was almost two hours later when Edd heard knocking at his door. He considered ignoring it, not ready to face Eddy or the world yet, but the knocking was incessant, echoing persistently through his house. Edd extracted himself from the ball he had curled into on the couch and went to answer it, deciding it was better to get this over with now while he still had a shred of anger inside him. His anger at Eddy had slowly diminished over the two hours, drowned by misery and heartbreak. He clung to the last few remnants, took a deep breath, and opened the door—  
And immediately, all his breath was taken away.
Twilight filtered through the open door, silhouetting Kevin in its pinkish orange glow. The sunset-dyed light glowed against the teen's skin, making him appear even tanner than he already was, and Edd's heart throbbed in his chest. Everything about the redhead made Edd's heart throb. Kevin watched Edd nervously, waiting for him to say something, to possibly yell at
:iconxxwrittensinsxx:xXWrittenSinsXx 178 27
Ereri -  Eren x Levi - When you kiss me. by EryenArt Ereri - Eren x Levi - When you kiss me. :iconeryenart:EryenArt 641 36
Jawline Kiss {Ereri}
Fandom: Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan
Rating: K+
Warning: Fluff
Prompt: Jawline Kiss
Done for the 'I want the K' meme on Tumblr for my beloved baka.
S2 S2 S2 S2 S2
"Corporal?" Eren called, knocking lightly on the door to the other's office. He pushed it open, ignoring the quiet creaking of the hinges when he heard the familiar call from within. He wasn't at all surprised at what he found on the other side. His eyes quickly found the corporal lounging back against the sofa, sipping his coffee while his other hand held a piece of paper up for him to read.
"Still doing paperwork?" He asked, moving over to stand behind the sofa, arms resting across the back behind Levi, as he read over his shoulder.
So, they were planning to have another expedition soon? That must have been what'd been keeping the corporal so busy the past few days…
He glanced at h
:iconstarisia:Starisia 110 15
Ereri by lispoart Ereri :iconlispoart:lispoart 9 4 EreRi Week Day 1: Embarrassment by YummySuika EreRi Week Day 1: Embarrassment :iconyummysuika:YummySuika 315 55 SnK: 30 Days of EreRi by YummySuika SnK: 30 Days of EreRi :iconyummysuika:YummySuika 348 63 Ereri Comic by galienyancats Ereri Comic :icongalienyancats:galienyancats 25 20
Eren walked along the castle trying his best to avoid Levi’s cold stare. It had been Eren’s turn to clean the castle and he had done top job according to the other cadets, but with Levi there was always something wrong. Levi had told him he was worthless and couldn't even clean a simple small room. After Levi had left Eren didn't redo the room he just walked off which explains us to how he ended up wandering the castle. Nobody even truly liked him except for Armin and Mikasa. Everyone feared him or didn't trust him; hell, he didnt even trust himself he was practically scared shitless of himself. He knew he was a monster. As Eren was lost in his thoughts he subconsciously sat on the floor and leaned against a wall. He was also oblivious to the footsteps that kept coming closer. Before Eren could even react he was lifted off the ground by his colour. By the time he was off the ground he had gotten a look at the face; Levi. “So you think you can just skip out on cleaning
:iconbarking--cat:Barking--Cat 25 14
Ereri render 2 by xXWinter-RosesXx Ereri render 2 :iconxxwinter-rosesxx:xXWinter-RosesXx 299 17 ERERI by gareknai ERERI :icongareknai:gareknai 522 35 Ereri by EryenArt Ereri :iconeryenart:EryenArt 293 20 EreRi by xXxPentaGramxXx EreRi :iconxxxpentagramxxx:xXxPentaGramxXx 57 14
I'm selling them for $10 each $1 for extra characters. 

-Celeste- Gift by XxElectricBeautyxX IcingTH Gift by XxElectricBeautyxX 

Comment or Note me if interested (: 


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United States
My name is Keely. And welcome to my page! :dummy: :icontardwaveplz:
I love drawing for myself and for others. I'm a nice person to people who are nice to me.

My Amazing Friends are-
:iconbigheartplz: :iconshira-hedgie:, :iconlattaea:, :icontogekisser:, :iconluna-sapphira-wings:, :iconcrayolapack:, :iconsolairemomo:, :icondarkendlove:, :iconsa2oap: :iconmutekitten:, :iconcnwgraphis:, :iconsabera2:, :iconregkitty:
ILU by XxElectricBeautyxX

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thank you for checking up on me. I'm totally fine, school is coming up going to USM this fall transferring over. :D 
I hope you're doing well as well hun (: we should talk more. 
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